Volunteering opportunities – Working groups

Help us to build a resourceful, engaging, inclusive and generous community!

S:t Thomas Samarit-Flyktingar Lund is scaling-up its work during the Autumn 2019. This is a challenge and a great opportunity that will require mobilizing resources and collective action! Welcome to join different projects, tasks or activities according to the following working groups (WG).

  • WG 01-Administration: organize how the training centre will be operated, managed and cleaned.
  • WG 02-Textile loop: coordinate donations of second-hand clothing and others; sorting out, washing/drying clothing, recovering textile, etc.
  • WG 03-English training: teach English to youngsters from 13 years old and adults in small groups.
  • WG 04-Children care and trainings: take care of small children while parents’ study, teach English or Swedish to children.
  • WG 05-Marketing and fundraising: organize the best way to market our work and raise funding nationally and internationally.
  • WG 06-Swedish training: Teach different levels of Swedish (A0, A1, A2, B1) and speaking practice.
  • WG 07-Help with homework (läxhjälp): assist children and youngsters with their school homework (OBS! you need to speak some Swedish for most of the subjects!).
  • WG 08-Second-hand boutique: order and clean the boutique, sell second-hand donations, report daily sales, etc.
  • WG 09-Building adaptive reuse: what has to be done to improve the building both indoors and outdoors? Join this group if you are student from architecture, engineering, design or if you have good practical skills (carpentry, painting, fixing things, etc.)
  • WG 10-Surplus food loop (Själaboden): healthy food will be prepared with food that is nearly to perish for poor retired people at S:t Thomas Catholic Parish in Stora Tomegatan 15 (central Lund). Ingrid, the project leader, needs some people who can assist her with different tasks (from cleaning to speaking with elderly to playing chess and more!)

Join one working group or more that suits your skills and interest!

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