Volunteering means to contribute with your talent, time, knowledge, or other resources to support the activities of Flyktingar Lund. Our activities to assist asylum-seekers or refugees are based on solidarity in action. Solidarity implies to value our fellow human beings whilst respecting them as individuals with their own culture and beliefs. Solidarity is a universal bond that links together all human beings, race and belief.

Some people volunteer because they are engaged with the cause of justice for refugees; others to develop new skills or to meet new people; and some simply want to deploy their talents, enjoying doing good whilst having fun.

How to volunteer

Volunteers can be students from high school and university, people working in private companies or for public organizations, and retired people among others. You decide the activity, how, when and how long you would like to volunteer.

Flyktingar Lund coordinates partnerships with different stakeholders; and organizes activities with leaders and volunteers according to their skills and interests. We will implement activities together in an organized, safe and friendly atmosphere.

Requirements to become volunteer or leader

  1. We require that all volunteers participating in our activities on a regular basis, everybody volunteering with children/youth and leaders apply for their ’belastningsregistret’ (criminal record) to the Police in Lund and deliver it to the project leader. You can download the form here.
  2. We also require 2 references of people who know you (name, e-mail, telephone number);
  3. You need to participate in the trainings “Introduction to volunteering” and “Prevention of sexual abuse of children and adolescents”.
  4. You have to fill in and sign a form that specifies that you have accomplished with requirements 1 to 3, the activity and how long you are willing to volunteer.

How to join

Please fill out our online registration for new volunteers. We can complete requirements 3 and 4 after you have received your criminal record from the police.