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Flyktingar Lund works towards promoting socio-economic inclusion of refugees in Lund and its surroundings.

Sponsoring Flyktingar Lund means that you are helping us to achieve medium-term operations and become more resilient.

Sometimes solutions from the public sector take a longer time due to political negotiations. As a group from the civil society we have been able to respond quickly to the following needs:

  • provide Swedish training for asylum-seekers and refugees who have not started learning Swedish at adult education (vuxenutbildning);
  • provide English lessons for unaccompanied minors and children;
  • deliver second-hand furniture to refugee families living in empty apartments;
  • deliver second-hand clothing and winter jackets/shoes for free to new arrivals;
  • provide information about other organizations and public authorities;
  • connect established Swedish people with refugees to share experiences about work opportunities and facilitate networking;
  • organize social activities in which refugees meet Swedish speaking people, other immigrants and international students; etc.

More than 1,700 refugees have moved to Lund during 2015, 2016 and 2017. This included 340 unaccompanied minors. Lund’s Municipality expects that around 623 more refugees will move to Lund during 2018. The total of 2,323 refugees will require more places at adult education for learning Swedish. The latter might derive in waiting time of 3 to 6 months to start studying the language while living isolated in a hotel or other type of accommodation. Flyktingar Lund does not have waiting lists for new arrivals because they are our priority.

The rules for public funding regarding integration initiatives with refugees change every year according to the political agenda of policy makers. Flyktingar Lund’s fundraising is addressed both to private individuals and companies. Your financial support will help us to continue working with the inclusion of refugees in the Swedish society with a medium-term perspective.

As a private person you can make a difference through helping us to help refugees in Lund and its surroundings!


Swish your gift to 900-4789, specify “Flyktingar Lund”. If you don’t have Swish: Go to getswish.se to download the SWISH app.


You can support our work donating to Caritas Sverige, Bank giro 900-4789 specify “Flyktingar Lund”.

“Flyktingar Lund helped me to learn the basis of the Swedish language and to increase my self-confidence to communicate with others. I join them every Monday”
– Yana, 36 years old, on maternity leave

”When we moved the apartment was empty and we were sleeping on mattresses. Volunteers from Flyktingar Lund collected second-hand furniture and beds for my family.”
– Nadim, 40 years

Contact us; kundservice@flyktingarlund.se if you would like to find out more about the partnership opportunities that we offer to companies!


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Payment method:

Bank giro: 900-4789 specify “Flyktingar Lund”

Donation Total: 2,500 kr. 

Invoices & gratitude event
If you need an invoice please let us know this through e-mail. The invoice with the details that you provided through the online form will be issued after your payment is received.

E-mail: kundservice@flyktingarlund.se

Companies donating 5,000 kr or more will receive a gratitude lunch or dinner with refugees. The number of employees from your company participating in this activity will be proportional to the amount of the donation (5, 7 and 10 people respectively). Let us also know if your employees would like to participate in the gratitude event.

We also accept donations via Swish – use the following Swish number:
900-4789 specify “Flyktingar Lund”