Rules of the volunteer station

Asylum-seekers and refugees will be asked to read the rules before entering the volunteer station and confirm that they are aware of the rules by signing them.

1. Flyktingar Lund’s volunteer station can operate every week thanks to a collaboration between S:t Thomas katolska församling, Akademiska Hus and volunteers.

2. The purpose of Flyktingar Lund’s (FL) volunteer station is to help new arrivals in Lund and surroundings who are in need! Therefore, only refugees living less than 3 years in Sweden can use this volunteer station. If you have lived longer than 3 years and/or are already working and earning money you cannot take second-hand donations from us. If the latter is your case you are welcome to visit any other second-hand stores such as Erikshjälpen, Emmaus, Humana, BrusBraBarn that offer second-hand items for very low price in Lund.

3. Asylum-seekers or refugees who come for the first time or month to FL volunteer station can take maximum a 125-litter bag per person or 4 small blue bags per person. Other asylum-seekers of refugees who have lived in Sweden up to 3 years can take 60-litters of clothes per month (2 small blue bags) per person. New arrivals can take maximum 2 jackets per person per semester. Refugees can only take 1 small household item of each type (forks, plates, cups etc.) per person per semester and 1 large item of each type (coffee machine, etc) per family per semester. 

5. The people assisting you at the volunteer station are volunteers who are not paid for helping you. The volunteers invest a lot of time to sort out and order all the clothing. So, please help to keep the order to show that you appreciate their work!

6. Clothes are sorted by sex, type and size. If you need help ask the volunteers. You are not allowed to take hangers from any of the rooms.

7. Flyktingar Lund works only with donations. We ask you to return the clothes that you or your children do not need anymore.

8. Children are welcome to play with the toys, but they should order the toys afterwards.

9. Respect the instructions given by the volunteers working here. We have rules because we need order and structure to help you in an efficient way.

10. Volunteers are very happy and willing to help you. However, if you behave in an inappropriate way you will be asked to leave the volunteer station. This includes cero tolerance to any type of bulling to any volunteer or refugee helping at the volunteer station.

11. We are very happy that you are at FL volunteer station and that we can help you!! We hope that you can become part of our community through joining our main activities (e.g. Swedish training, help with homework, English lessons, Language & Food, etc). We are a group of very diverse volunteers willing to help you to integrate in the Swedish society.

12. You are welcome to join our Facebook group: “Flyktingar Lund-Gemenskap och samarbete” and visit our website to keep updated about our main activities.

Ivette Arroyo, projektledare
Flyktingar Lund-Gemenskap och samarbete
S:t Thomas katolska församling,
tel: 073-992 76 78