Christmas gifts that encourage integration in Skåne!

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Integration starts when newly arrivals enhance their opportunities to meet local people for learning Swedish, doing a trip in the nature or sharing a common interest such as sewing, making handicrafts, preparing food, etc. Our own experience is that all these encounters help asylum-seekers and refugees to expand their network of contacts and find their way in the Swedish society. Flyktingar Lund has identified groups of people who need extra support. Apart from searching funding from different types of organisations, we acknowledge that private people are key for supporting the more vulnerable groups in our society. Asylum-seekers and refugees attending our activities live in Lund, Eslöv, Kävlinge, Lomma, Staffanstorp and Malmö. The following Christmas gifts are practical ways to encourage integration in Skåne. Your donations will make a difference to someone’s life!

Support for transport to learn basic Swedish

Donate to help asylum-seekers to start engaging with the Swedish society. We need donations to pay for public transport to bring newly arrived people from Malmö to Lund every Monday for basic Swedish lessons. Newly arrived asylum-seekers are not studying Swedish at adult education organized by the municipalities and spend their time isolated from the rest of society.

Your Christmas donation will help asylum-seekers who are not entitled to receive transport compensation to get a chance to learn basic Swedish in Lund and have a meaningful waiting time. As a reference, a donation of 500 kr covers one-way group ticket with a regional buss for around 12 people.

Specify:Flyktingar Lund transport

Support for sustainable sewing atelier

Donate to help refugee women who are long away from the job market to have access to a place equipped for developing their sewing skills. Flyktingar Lund gets second hand clothing and other textile that can be reused to make new goods such as cushion covers, patchwork, bags, etc. Sharing an interest in sewing or in other handicraft work can be a powerful driver for integration. We envision refugees and volunteers meeting, co-designing and co-producing creative sustainable goods.

Specify:Flyktingar Lund atelier

Support mobility of parents on maternity leave

Donate to enhance the mobility of refugee women or men on maternity leave and their children over 7 years for using public transport. There are many integration activities going on in Lund and surroundings, but attendance is still low. One reason for this is that some organisations only allow adults to participate in their Swedish lessons. Volunteers from Flyktingar Lund take care of children whilst their parents learn Swedish. Another reason might be that families are large and children over 7 years have to pay for public transport, especially if they do not live centrally in Lund. A family two-ways ticket might cost around 100 SEK for a woman or man with 3 children over 7 years in Lund.

Your Christmas donation will help women or men on maternity leave to enhance their mobility to get a chance to learn basic Swedish whilst volunteers take care of their children.

Specify: ”Flyktingar Lund mobility

As a private person you can make a difference through helping us to help refugees in Lund and its surroundings!


Swish your donation to 900-4789 or use Bank giro 900-4789. Please indicate the initiative you want to support through writing the right specification, e.g. “Flyktingar Lund atelier”. Donate: 100 kr, 200 kr, 300 kr, 400 kr, 500 kr or other.

Swish your gift to 900-4789, specify “Flyktingar Lund”. If you don’t have Swish: Go to to download the SWISH app.