Learn about Sweden (Lär känna Sverige)


LEARN ABOUT SWEDEN is a series of talks that offer an introduction to important aspects of Swedish culture and traditions for young and adult asylum-seekers and/or refugees. Flyktingar Lund implemented a first serie of talks in year 2016 in collaboration with Stadsbiblioteket in Lund.

Flyktingar Lund can contribute to organize a talk or participate in a panel to discuss several topics of the Swedish society having asylum-seekers and refugees as main audience. We consider that refugees need to gain skills regarding the following topics:

  • Gender equality
  • Why do we pay a lot of tax in Sweden?
  • Clubs and associations, the “popular movement” (föreningar, studieförbundet, etc.)
  • Democracy, civil rights and obligations
  • Swedish traditions for Christmas

If you work for an organization working with newcomers and you are willing to organize such an activity in collaboration with Flyktingar Lund, please contact us to refugees.lund@gmail.com.