Autumn term 2019 – Initiatives and Activities:

  • S:t Thomas Samarit Capacity Building Centre (Samarits kunskapscentrum)
  • Swedish training (Svenskundervisning)
  • Tjena! Activities for asylum-seekers (Tjena! Aktiviteter för asylsökande)
  • English training and help with homework (Engelska och läxhjälp)
  • Children care and training (Barnpassning och utbildning)
  • Flyktingar Lund’s Second-hand boutique (FL Second-hand butik)
  • Circular economy loops (Cirkulär ekonomi)

We always welcome new volunteers!
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Our activities aim at facilitating the inclusion of asylum-seekers and refugees in the Swedish society.

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You can make the difference when contributing with your talent, time, knowledge or other resources.

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Here you can be constantly updated about our coming activities, trainings for volunteers, and much more.

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